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Carly and Tim // Wedding

“Ice Ice baby, you’ve got a nice wife baby” - Rachel Moore

(to the tone of Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice)

Sometimes love is not the easiest of paths, sometimes it is more of a rock scramble. But once love finds us, it is so so good. Tim and Carly met over 10 years ago through some mutual friends but life didn’t bring them together right away. Life took them other places but life also has a way of bringing the people you need back into your life at just the right time. So 5 years ago, Tim and Carly reconnected and it was then that they began their own love story.

Tim proposed to Carly at their house and then proceeded to celebrate the night at their favorite wine bar. And their wedding was was also an incredible celebration. Tim and Carly got married on a Friday night; their ceremony was small and intimate with family looking onto the beginning of a new family. Following the ceremony, more guests began filtering in for the party. Tim and Carly got serenaded by the Maid of Honor, reminisced with the best man and cheered to a new life together as husband and wife. And in the words of Rachel Moore (to the tone of Ice Ice Baby) Tim, you got a nice wife baby; have a nice life baby!

Congratulations Tim and Carly, may life always bring great drinks, good karaoke and abundant joy!


Dj- Dave Rowe (family friend of Bride)

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