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Annie and Nick//Engagement

There does not seem to be much in the midwest that can beat the passions of Ohio State and Michigan fans. It is a long standing rivalry that seems to bring out the most competitive nature even in those who don't necessarily even care about sports. For Ohio State and Michigan fans it is one or the other, there is no middle ground and if you happen to be on the opposing side of a friend or neighbor, well good luck. Like many, this rivalry run deep for Nick and Annie, but for their house on game day things get even more intense, for their house is divided. Annie is an Ohio State fan and Nick roots for the team up north.

After being together for many years Nick and Annie only find this rivalry fun and entertaining. They see it as an added layer to their relationship, something that brings them together even if for one day out of the year they see each other as opponents. Most of the year Nick and Annie are literally teammates, working in the same school district serving the same community together. They have been doing life together so many years now and after Nick surprised Annie and proposed to her right in their house, life just got more sweet. Despite a long engagement Nick and Annie are excited to unite as one, they are excited to see what life has in store for them and I imagine Annie is excited that her team won yesterday! (O-H)

Nick and Annie might have rooted for different teams yesterday but they will always root for each other. They are teammates and I can't wait for what the rest of life has for them.

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